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Our Story

You are an expert in your products, we are experts in the surface treatment that makes your product perfect. At GGfinishing, our aim is to focus on the features that make your products perfect in processes such as vibration, blasting, painting and shotpeening. This is exactly why we have a versatile.surface treatment center and product range.

To serve above the standards in the field and to satisfy our customers.
To deliver our products and services that do not pollute the nature and support sustainability to our customers.

We have been serving for 25 years with our professional team, and we offer solutions suitable for the needs of our customers.

Detailed Analysis

Rational Approach

Suitable Solutions

On time delivery

What we offer?

GRANT GLOBAL Offers “ Surface Treatment Center “ professionally offers to our customers; 

Vibration ( degreasing / deburring / polishing ) Blasting, Painting, Shot Peening, and metallization application service and consultancy with many years of industrial surface treatment experience in different industrial sectors.

At the same time;

Vibration chips ( Ceramic, urea, plastic and porcelain chips)

Vibration treatment fluids ( Degreasing/ polishing fluid ) 

Blasting abrasives ( steel ball/grit, stainless ball/grit, glass ball, Aluminum oxide, garnet )

We sell high quality consumables used in shot peening processes , both domestically and internationally. 

Tons of Storage
With ISO 9001, Grant Global ensures that our products and the service we provide comply with quality standards.
Our Quality Policy

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers; complying with the quality management system conditions, constantly improving the quality management system , not compromising service quality under any circumstances isthe quality policy of our organization. As Grant Global, with ISO 9001, we guarantee the conformity of our products and services to quality standards.

Innovative Approach

What is important to our customers and suppliers? How can we help our customers with our know-how and offer them more support? We address these fundamental questions and work with all of our employees and partners to design new ideas and forward –looking initiatives for our customers.

Our sales representatives will therefore provide you with the advice you need so that you will be happy to work with us in the future. 

Customer Services

Our aim is to offer years of business partnership by always offering the most suitable product and process for our customers. ıf you contact us, you can be sure that you will receive professional support. 

GG Finishing

Environmental Awareness 

At GG Finishing, environmental protection is an integral part of sustainable corporate policy.  It is equally important as economic goals and social aspects. We attach great importance to ensuring that our products are produced and disposed of in a sustainable manner.  Therefore , when choosing suppliers we ensure that they comply with environmental regulations and support the installation of environmental protection technologies.