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Vibration Consumables

Plastic Chips

Where is it used?

Plastic Chip is used for grinding sharp corners in non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, nickel alloys, bronze, aluminum, zamak ), composite and plastic materials. Our plastic chips are classified and coded as low-medium-high. They have maximum abrasive –grinding ratio. They provide an economic advantage thanks to their long-lasting structure. Our plastic chips can be prepared in various compositions according to the desired surface quality. Surfaces ; ıt makes it ready for polishing by etching with our plastic chips and shortens the polishing process. All the raw materials we use comply with European Standards. We have fully automatic standart production. Please contact us for various geometric chip sizes that are not on the list. Our chips do not leave residue on metal surfaces. We can make special products according to your needs. The machine may contain 1-1,5 % solid particles in the effluent. Suitable for systems with purifications unit.

Product Details