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What is surface treatment?

All of the applications made to remove the burrs formed during the production of the products, to soften the sharp corners, to polish the surface or all the applications made to take oil are called surface treatment applications. There are various types of surface treatment applications and equipment, and we will inform you about the surface treatment applications made with vibratory and centrifugal type machines, which is our main subject. Among the processes required to obtain the best surface, “deburring” and “polishing” are the main stages in the process and consists of several steps. Each step uses less abrasive than the previous step. Although the main point varies depending on the product, it creates a non-deformation and highly reflective surface.

What are the advantages of surface treatment applications?

Saves time and money, speeds up the production process and increases quality. If you try to clean the burrs by hand using old methods, it will return you a lot of labor and lost time. Moreover, since each product will be processed differently from each other by human hands, you will also lose in terms of quality.

For example, all the products that have come out of the vibration machine and the burrs have been cleaned have a homogeneously processed surface quality without human intervention. Produces ideal products for electronic assembly systems. Electronic assembly systems proceed by controlling the product surface and the system stops in case of faulty products.

With surface treatment applications, the problems of such systems such as stopping and waiting are minimized. The product will have a good appearance. The product produced may be covered with burrs and oil, its burrs have been removed, the product that is free of oil and polished will have a very good appereance. It becomes ready for both the next stage and direct sale to the consumer. Minimizes the risk to human healty. Some products may have very sharp corners and edges at the time they are produced and may pose a threat to human health. This is an important element that makes working on it risky.

Surface treatment applications, soften the sharp surfaces on the product and make the product ready for applications that require manual labor such as assembly. Apart from this, there are also products that require a smooth surface. For example, the surface smoothness of platınum titanium parts, surgical instruments and similar products used in the medical sector is extremely important for human health. Increases the durability of products.

Questions asked about contract surface treatment

Surface treatment applications are called deburring, polishing, chamfering, smoothing, cleaning and similar applications in order to remove the negative elements that occur during the production of products. A wide variety of surface treatment applications and equipments are available. The goal is to create a highly reflective surface without deformation depending on the product. We perform surface treatment applications with vibration and centrifuge machines that we also manufacture in our contract processing center.
Yes, it is absolutely necessary. The products produced must be removed from the negative effects before they reach the final consumer. In this way, safe products free from burrs can be obtained a much better appearance during the coating phase with polished products.

The applications made differ from product to product. The metal type of the product, the production method, the next application, your personal demands and the requirements of your customer are the main factors that determine the process to be performed. Our specialist will determine the needs of your product and inform you in detail about the applications to be made.

There are several factors that determine the transaction fee. After determining the necessary processes for your products, the price of the product is determined by calculating the total weight and the time to be spent. Our specialist will inform you in detail about pricing.
The delivery time of your products is determined in advance by our specialist and you notified before the transaction. Depending on the density, delivery is usually made in 1 working day.
Yes. All products are processed according to the order of arrival. Situations such as relocations or forwarding are not possible. While you are planning your product, you can set the time for the surface treatment applications as 2 days at the most.
We do not have a shipping service.